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StartOut: Finding safe spaces through coffee

Supporting and uplifting LGBTQ+ small businesses

The LGBTQ+ community is filled with pockets of diversity, intersectionality and varying identities while being packed with some of the most inspiring people, despite what they may go through on a daily basis. This Pride Month, we want to take a moment to recognize the community for all that they do by highlighting a few LGBTQ+ small businesses. Although Pride gives welcomed visibility to the queer and trans community, it’s important that we come together every day. So, this Pride Month and beyond, be sure to shop and support LGBTQ+ brands and businesses. #LGBTQOwned

Military Mom Collective

It is always such a pleasure to speak to Melissa Green, founder and owner of Southern, Sweet & Sassy Coffee. She speaks my love language: coffee.

— Rachel Carpenter

Post & Courier

“I’m a huge coffee drinker,” she said. “Especially in the Navy, it was our break time. We’d go to the aft of the ship and have our break drinking coffee and talking. It’s kind of the only way you can have a break.”

— Melissa Green, Founder & CEO

CNBC : Invest In You: Ready. Set. Grow.

“It was pretty difficult to start a business, at least for me, because I didn’t know that there were ways to start a business while my husband was in the military,” she said.

— Melissa Green, Founder & CEO

At #BCC we provide coffee, community and support. Because we want to offer not only a great cup of coffee, but also a sense of community and a genuine feeling of inclusion and support.

- Melissa Green, Founder & CEO

The Leadership Void

In this podcast, Vince Loran and Enrique Acosta Gonzales speak with me about my service in the Navy, transition to becoming a Military Spouse, and my journey into entrepreneurship.

Community Highlights: Meet Melissa Green of Southern, Sweet & Sassy Coffee